BOGO Coupon Questions Answered

Can you use a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale? Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t. First, you’ll need to check your store’s coupon policy to see if there are any exclusions.

There are different types of BOGO coupons.  Some attach to only the FREE item, and some attach to both items.  How can you tell?  Look at the last two digits of the coupon’s bar code.  If it ends with “01” or “00” then it only attaches to the FREE item.  If it ends with “14”, it attaches to both items, meaning that any other coupons used for those products will beep, and will not be accepted.

You should be able to use a $x/1 with a BOGO coupon.  The $x/1 is taken off of the product that you are paying for, and the BOGO takes the full price off of the other product.  This is called piggy-backing.  You will never be able to use a $x/2 coupon with a BOGO coupon if you are only purchasing 2 items.  The $x/2 will attach to both products, and the BOGO is not allowed.

Note: I do not teach, nor do I condone the practice of decoding coupons. You should be allowed to use a $x/1 coupon with a BOGO coupon, as long as you are purchasing two qualifying products. This information is only intended to clarify BOGO coupon questions. To me, it’s not worth the fight at the register if the BOGO coupon does beep (14), and to avoid issues, I simply don’t try it.

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