Banquet Dinner Coupons + Deals (LOTS of them!)

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I bought one of the Banquet Dinners at Dillons yesterday for 88¢.  It’s a great investment – even if you won’t eat the dinners themselves.  The coupons inside the package that I bought are:

40¢/2 ACT II Popcorn
*these are $1.25 at Homeland this week.  Get them for 85¢ each when you buy 2.

50¢/2 Crunch ‘n Munch (10 oz+)

25¢/1 Banquet Homestyle Bakes
*these go on sale often at Dillons.  The coupon will double to 50¢.

50¢/2 Chef Boyardee 40 oz cans or 14.25 oz Bowls
*these are not the size on sale at Dillons this week but still a nice coupon.  It will double to $1.00 off two.

35¢/1 Hunt’s Pasta Sauce (24 oz)
*these are $1.00 at Leeker’s/Checkers this week.  Get them for ONLY 30¢ after the coupon doubles!!  *HOT*

35¢/2 Banquet Fruit Pies
*these go on sale quite often at various retailers for around 69¢.  Great deal after coupon doubles.

50¢/1 Banquet Boneless Chicken Bag (24 oz+)

55¢/2 Kids Cuisine Frozen Meals or Snack Stix

75¢/8 Banquet Dinners
*on sale at Dillons for 88¢ this week.  Only 75¢ each when you buy 8 after coupon.

What I’m going to do is use the 75¢/8 Banquet Dinners coupon to buy MORE dinners with the coupons inside.  Then I’ll cut out my coupons and use them to purchase other items on sale this week and in the future.  The coupons don’t expire until 5/31/14 so we have plenty of time to score some deals.  Make sure you are buying the ones that clearly state “Save $4 on great brands!” on the lower right hand corner of the box.

Oh!  One last tip.  If you plan on cooking the dinners you’ll need the instructions, which you are getting ready to cut up to get those coupons out.  Ha!  I always take a Sharpie and write the temperature/instructions on the tray so we’re not winging it when we cook them. 😉


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