Dillons Deals 5/1-5/7

This deal was hand-picked to save you money, and this post may contain affiliate links.
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Dillons fully doubles any coupon 50¢ and under. Coupons 51¢ to 99¢ “double” to $1.00. Anything $1 and over stays at face value. Remember that you can no longer stack eCoupons with paper coupons, so you decide which coupon you would like to use. You can load coupons to your card at Cellfire, Shortcuts, P&GeSaver and Dillons. eCoupons do not double.

The star system is as follows; * = not a deal, ** = decent deal, *** = awesome deal. These are my personal opinions on the final prices, and by no means determines what your family needs or should purchase.

This week starts a P&G mini-mega sale.  Buy (4) participating items in one transaction and save $4.00 at checkout.  Prices listed in this matchup are after the $1.00 per item discount has been applied.  There are many, many products that I did not include, because they are not listed in the ad and I want to verify prices before I get too excited. 😉

This list is short FOR NOW, but I will get in there tomorrow after the sale starts and get more prices.  If you want to go first thing in the morning I recommend taking your entire 4/28 PG insert and any P&G home mailer booklets you may have.  

There are currently no items in this list.


  1. says

    Do you have any idea if on the savingstar deal with the Pantene if savingstar counts the purchase as $3.09 or if it counts it as $2.09 after the extra $1 off?

    Also the $3/2 we got in our Hutchinson P&G insert does day $3/2 Covergirl nail products. I wonder how much the nail polish costs and if our one Dillon’s that has cosmetics even carries the nail polish. I will make hubby take me shopping there just to check LOL

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